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  1. My Home
    16 Nov, 2017
    My Home
    Hello everyone, A dark cloud seems to have descended upon my hometown this week, so I wanted to bring some joy to those whom it's possible to bring joy to. Let's display just a modicum of class and not trash the town in the comments. You may feel free to belittle the poem, however, as it is my first one EVER.  What can I say, Shakespeare intimidates me.  That is why my first book was written, you know?  It's Romeo and Juliet with a better ending, (yea I said it). I'm now the doting daddy of
  2. The Fallen Characters - Who Are They?
    14 Oct, 2017
    The Fallen Characters - Who Are They?
    The Fallen Character Guide Who are they really? Gabriel Mason - A first-class ranked assassin for an organization called The Choir.  Gabriel is 5'11" with bright green eyes and shaggy brown hair.  He can most frequently be seen sporting a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather hipster jacket.  Gabriel normally has a dull, uncaring attitude toward anything not interesting to him but he is fiercely competitive toward his older brother, Michael. WHO IS GABRIEL REALLY?  Gabriel
  3. Once Upon A Yawn
    12 Oct, 2017
    Once Upon A Yawn
    Once Upon A Yawn An Author's Tale of Woe by Roy Love My parents never bothered to inform me that I was a vampire.  Do you know what that can do to a kid?  It took me a while to research all the myths of vampirism, and even longer to determine what about those stories was actually factual.  I just heard you sneer, but I'll remind you that every myth is embellished around a fact.  Still don't believe me?  I'll prove it. My mother likes to remind everyone that I know about how late I used to


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