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Restaurant Expose:  Stuffed Banana Peppers

Restaurant Expose: Stuffed Banana Peppers

Monday, October 23, 2017


Roy Love


  1. My Home
    16 Nov, 2017
    My Home
    Hello everyone, A dark cloud seems to have descended upon my hometown this week, so I wanted to bring some joy to those whom it's possible to bring joy to. Let's display just a modicum of class and not trash the town in the comments. You may feel free to belittle the poem, however, as it is my first one EVER.  What can I say, Shakespeare intimidates me.  That is why my first book was written, you know?  It's Romeo and Juliet with a better ending, (yea I said it). I'm now the doting daddy of
  2. Recipe: Vegetable Beef Barley Soup
    10 Nov, 2017
    Recipe: Vegetable Beef Barley Soup
    Vegetable Beef Barley Soup This is a pretty classic soup popularly served in the Eastern and Midwestern United States.  This soup, invented in 18th Century America was a favorite among working-class families.  As it was both warming and filling, it was served year round. Ingredients: (Serves 12-14) 2 Cups Peral Barley 72oz Beef Stock 1 Yellow Onion (Chopped) 1 Shallot (Diced) 1 Bunch Celery (Chopped) 2 Heads Garlic (Chopped) 1lb Green Beans 1lb Corn 2 lbs Carrots (Peeled & Chopped) 2lbs Stew
  3. November Happenings
    07 Nov, 2017
    November Happenings
    Well, November is here and with it, a cold chill and a reminder that mother nature is truly in control.  Some of you noticed that my blogging has slowed a bit, and for good reason, I assure you.  There are a few announcements coming this month that I cannot reveal just yet.  On top of all of the excitement and buzz about my books lately, we have the holidays fast approaching.    I solemnly swear that I will not shop on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is kind of a literal holiday.  We get together
  4. Photo-Storyboarding
    26 Oct, 2017
    Just a general post today.  After the weekend I will have some pictures to share of our Halloween.  I was thinking of what drives me to write the most after I start a project.  I think one of the more successful method is to visualize the cover of my book.  For some reason, it helps to drive my creative process.  Another method that I use is storyboarding...almost.  Mainly this involves me taking a series of photos and editing them to tell a story.  I can then hang those up and visualize the
  5. Recipe:  Granny Smith Green Apple Pie
    21 Oct, 2017
    Recipe: Granny Smith Green Apple Pie
    So I haven't posted in a few days.  Hopefully, that has given you enough time to absorb some of the other stories on my blog.  Originally, I wanted a post every day for the first thirty days. Now that I've had a chance to review visitors to the site, I feel it's more prudent to post three times a week maximum.  That being said, today I bring an old recipe to you, and a new one to me. Granny Smith Green Apple Pie.  1/2 bushel of Granny Smith apples.  The apples were locally farmed and harvested
  6. Comedy or Drama?  Trinity's Alternate Chapter
    17 Oct, 2017
    Comedy or Drama? Trinity's Alternate Chapter
    Comedy or Drama?  Trinity's Alternate Chapter I suspect many authors go about deleting countless words on their pages.  Normally, I delete thousands, if not tens of thousands of words during the writing process.  I don't know why I chose to keep this half-a-chapter.  Perhaps it's because chapter 16 in the book is the exact opposite.  I had a hard time deciding if this chapter would be a comedic one, or more dark and dramatic.  If you read below, I guess you'll know which one I went with for
  7. 5 Ways You Should Advertise Your e-Book on Amazon Alone
    14 Oct, 2017
    5 Ways You Should Advertise Your e-Book on Amazon Alone
    Normally I hate to write list type articles.  In this case, I’ll make an exception as this information will be genuinely helpful, I promise.     For many authors, the same story plays out repeatedly.  Great, so you wrote a book and published it on Amazon Kindle.  You sit back and wait for those downloads to roll in, constantly checking the sales dashboard for a favorable update.  A question begins to form in your mind.  Why aren’t people buying my book? I think at one time; all authors have
  8. The Fallen Characters - Who Are They?
    14 Oct, 2017
    The Fallen Characters - Who Are They?
    The Fallen Character Guide Who are they really? Gabriel Mason - A first-class ranked assassin for an organization called The Choir.  Gabriel is 5'11" with bright green eyes and shaggy brown hair.  He can most frequently be seen sporting a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather hipster jacket.  Gabriel normally has a dull, uncaring attitude toward anything not interesting to him but he is fiercely competitive toward his older brother, Michael. WHO IS GABRIEL REALLY?  Gabriel
  9. Free Amazon Kindle Download 10/13-10/17
    13 Oct, 2017
    Free Amazon Kindle Download 10/13-10/17
    So to kick off the launch of the new blog, I have decided to give away my first book!  The Fallen will be available to download for FREE on Amazon Kindle 10/13-10/17.  Download your copy here: An original copy of The Fallen with all of its mistakes and flaws.  This was released by Publish America LLC in 2010.  On the day that my son was born, this cover came in for my approval.  I was not happy with it, but what was a new dad to do?  I approved it and