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Virtual Blog Interviews / Podcasts/ Fan mail

Please e-mail all scheduling/correspondence of this nature directly to the Author:   [email protected]

-Blog Interviews
-Character Interviews
-Author Questionnaires
-Skype Podcast Interview Requests

Roy DOES NOT have an online appearance fee.  All online appearances/performances are FREE.

​Book Signings

From small book clubs to church basements, Roy will promote his books almost anywhere.  If you or your book club would like to have Roy present for a book signing, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or email: [email protected]

There is no charge for a book signing, provided that books be made available (through you, or the Author) for purchase at the event.

Public Speaking

Roy offers several public speaking topics for small and large groups alike.  Below is a list of subjects that he covers during his appearances.
Page One is the Easy Part:  A 40-minute classroom session for aspiring authors detailing the ins & outs of writing a book.  In this session, individuals will hear from Roy on the challenges of writing, time management, and publishing.  Attendees will get a feel for what it takes to be able to write the words "The End."

Character Creation/Outlining:   A two-hour workshop with aspiring authors covering character creation, outlining, and finding a hook for readers.  Attendees will not only learn how to make a character but give them life with an origin story and the minor details that may be missing from your work.

Going to Market as an Indie Author:   Publishers got you down?  Feel your story deserves its chance?  Go to market anyway!  In this 1.5-hour classroom session, Roy gives you the information you need on self-publishing and marketing.

More topics to come...

*Please note that public speaking fees are waived ONLY to accredited educational institutions or charities.*


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